Timetables & Maps


  • U1A, U1, U1C, U1E
    NOCS to Airport / Eastleigh via Central Station, Portswood, University, Wessex Lane Halls
  • U1N
    City Centre to Eastleigh via Portswood, University, Wessex Lane Halls
  • U2B, U2, U2C
    Mayflower Halls to Bassett Green via Avenue Campus, University, Glen Eyre
  • U6C, U6H
    General Hospital to Southampton via University, Portswood

    Diversion at General Hospital, due to Coxford Road closure

    Diversion - Coxford Road is closed at the junction with Aldermoor Road for 21 weeks until May 2022. As a result, this service will divert from Dale Road and operate clockwise around the hospital via Tremona Road, Warren Avenue and terminating at Coxford Road, Princess Anne hospital stop. Passengers may alight this service in Tremona Road, just after the bus turns from Dale Road. It will commence service from The Main Entrance/Cemetary stop in Tremona Road. We apologies for any inconvenience.

  • U9
    Townhill Park to General Hospital via Portswood, University, Hill Lane