Your travel options from City Centre to Highfield campus...

6 months ago Mon 8th Jan 2024

Your options from City Centre to Highfield image with a Unilink Bus

Trying to get to the University from the City Centre?

Some of our services can become very busy during peak times. If the service you'd like to get on is overly busy, why not try one of our other routes heading in the same direction? It may take a few minutes longer, but this is often worthwhile.

The following routes serve both the City Centre and Highfield:

Route Frequency Journey Time (morning peak) City Centre Stops
U1 - NOCs to Airport/Eastleigh Up to every 7-10 minutes. 23-26 minutes (from Civic Centre)
  • West Quay
  • ASDA & Marlands
  • Civic Centre
  • Cenotaph
U2 - Mayflower Halls to Bassett Green Up to every 7-10 minutes. 20-27 minutes (from Art Gallery)
  • Central Station
  • Mayflower Halls
  • Art Gallery
  • Cenotaph
U6 - Central Station to General Hospital Up to every 15 minutes. 30-34 minutes (from Civic Centre)
  • Central Station
  • Civic Centre
  • New Road/Park Walk

With buses running frequently throughout the day, we've got you covered! If one bus is busy there'll be another just minutes away. 

We recommend you download the Unilink app where you can plan your journey, buy tickets and track our buses in live times.