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Ticket bundles

If you only travel occasionally on our buses, you may find our multi-trip tickets or dayrider bundles handy...

Multi-trip bus tickets

Multi-trip bus travel tickets are available to buy on theKey or our Clickit2Ride mobile app, and are valid for one single bus journey on any unilink bus*, or any Bluestar bus within the Southampton Zone

  • 12 trips - £17.50

  • 24 trips - £33.00

  • 36 trips - £47.00

Dayrider travel bundles

Dayrider travel bundles are perfect if you only travel on our buses occasionally but will need to make more than one journey in a day. For each day you travel, one bus ticket is deducted from your key or mobile app wallet. These bus tickets don't have to be used on consecutive days and are valid for unlimited bus journeys on any Unilink bus* or any Bluestar bus within the Southampton Zone. Southampton Plus zone dayrider bundles are also available.

  • A travel bundle of 10 Southampton zone dayrider bus tickets are available to buy for £33.00.
  • A travel bundle of 5, 10 or 20 Southampton Plus zone dayrider bus tickets are available to buy for £28.50, £57 or £114, respectively.

If you travel on our buses regularly, our 7, 30, 90 day, academic term, academic year or annual bus pass may be better value.

* = Please note, these bus tickets are NOT valid on the U1N.

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