Term & Vacation dates 2019-20

2 years ago Fri 26th Jul 2019

Check below for University of Southampton term & vacation dates as some of our services run at different frequencies during university vacations.

During University Terms:

U1 Mon-Fri every 7-10 minutes. Saturdays every 10 minutes. Sundays every 15 minutes.
U2 Mon-Fri up to every 10 minutes. Saturdays & Sundays up to every 20 minutes. 
U6 Mon-Fri up to every 15 minutes. Saturdays every 30 minutes. Hourly on Sundays.
U9 Two morning trips from Townhill Park to Hospital. One afternoon trip from Hospital to Townhill Park.

During University Vacations:

U1 Mon- Fri up to every 10 minutes. No changes to Saturday & Sunday timetables.
U2 Mon-Sun up to every 30 minutes.
U6 No change to U6 timetable during vacations.
U9 No change to U9 timetable during vacations.

Dates for your diary:

Autumn Term Sunday 22nd September - Saturday 14th December 2019
Christmas Vacation Sunday 15th December 2019 - Saturday 4th January 2020
Spring Term Sunday 5th January - Saturday 14st March 2020
Easter Vacation Sunday 15th March - Saturday 18th April 2020
Summer Term Sunday 19th April - Saturday 13th June 2020
Summer Vacation Sunday 14th June 2020 onwards