ways to pay

There are three ways of buying tickets for travel on unilink and bluestar; from the driver using cash or contactless, using our key smartcard or on the Clickit2Ride mobile app.


cash or contactless to the driver

You can pay cash to the driver when you board or use your contactless payment card, phone or watch.

key smartcard

You can buy bus travel in advance online with the key. Which means you won't have to worry about having enough cash for your paper ticket on the bus.

mobile app

Download your bus ticket striaght to your mobile with our Clickit2Ride app. A wide range of day, weekly and monthly tickets are available. Just buy, show and go!


ticket types


single & dayrider tickets

Perfect if you are only travelling one way or for occassional travel. To keep things simple our singles and returns are flat fares too. No cash? No worries! Pay the quick way with contactless.

multi-trip tickets

You can buy bundles of single and dayrider tickets, to help you save money even if you don't travel every day.

period tickets

If you travel every day you can save money by getting a period ticket. Discounts are available for University students & staff too.




 the key

buy & store your bus tickets on the key.

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mobile app


with the Clickit2Ride mobile app you can buy and store bus tickets on your mobile. 

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under 16 ID card


are you under 16 & fed up of being asked your age?

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