Southampton ABP Marathon 22/23 April

Thursday, April 13 2017

Due to marathon events taking place in Southampton over Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April there will be widespread disruption to our services.

On Saturday 22 Cenotaph and Art Gallery bus stops in Southampton will be closed from early morning until 20:00 on Sunday evening. This affects U1, U2, Bluestar 1 and Bluestar 2 services which will not be able stop at the Cenotaph, U2 and Bluestar 18 routes will not be able to serve at the Art Gallery stop.

On Sunday 23 April, the following services will be on a diversion;




Bluestar 1

Bluestar 2

Bluestar 3

Bluestar 4

Bluestar 7

Bluestar 16

Bluestar 17

Bluestar 18

You can view full diversion details via the following links;

Unilink diversion details +

Bluestar city centre diversion details +

Bluestar out of city diversion details +

 Click here to view unilink timetable for Sunday 23 April here +

If you require help on Sunday 23 April on what time your bus will be or where to catch it from, the Bluestar Travel Shop will be open between 10am and 4pm. You can also pick up marathon information leaflets from here before the event.


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