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Monday, February 22 2016

Here at unilink we are very excited to bring you a brand new development on our website. Live “Real time” information for your bus times.

We hope you will find this new feature helpful when planning your journey. It means you can enjoy that last sip of tea before leaving the house, or even wait in the dry a little longer if it's raining outside, as you'll be able to see how many minutes away your bus actually is!

What is "real time"?

“Real time” is a system which tracks the bus along its route and therefore knows when it should arrive at each stop. Occasionally a bus may not be seen by the system as it depends on it having a good signal strength. In the event a bus cannot be seen the displays will revert back to showing timetabled time.

How to use the "real time" feature:

  1. On the home page there is a new “Live Bus Times” section.
  2. Click on the arrow in the “choose route & direction” drop down menu. Scroll down to your route, and choose the direction you are interested in.
  3. Now select your stop in the drop down menu below. The stops are listed geographically, so they appear in the order the bus stops at them. 
  4. Once your bus stop is selected click “show me now”. This will show a live feed for all buses due at your stop, not just the service you are looking for.
  5. If the time next to your journey is shown in minutes, this is the estimated time until your bus reaches the stop - this will countdown as the bus gets nearer. If a static clock time is showing, this is the scheduled time of the bus.
  6. This information automatically refreshes every 30 seconds, so you can leave it on your screen and watch your bus approaching. However please be ready when the countdown gets low. 
  7. If you need to look at another stop, just choose a new service, direction and bus stop and away you go.

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